For those seeking the road less traveled,

Woodstone Development can guide you every step of the way.

Woodstone Development is a high-end design, build, and remodeling company that has been building custom, hand-crafted luxury homes and commercial buildings for over two decades.

Woodstone Development President and CEO Mike Watkins and his team work alongside each property owner to ensure that his or her build project is exactly as dreamed from the very first step. Woodstone Development customers expect excellent design and attention to detail, quality care, and craftsmanship they can trust - and Woodstone Development delivers!

Woodstone Development is different from other luxury builders in that we specialize in infusing nature into the construction. For example, we’d prefer to take hand-hewn logs, which are a trademark inside most Woodstone Development homes, directly from the property on which the home is built to incorporate the property’s roots into the new home.

We combine our years of experience, our impeccable attention to detail, our love for nature, and a qualified knowledge of materials and supplies to create astounding buildings that leave our customers satisfied for years to come.

Mike Watkins in his race car
Mike Watkins standing in a stadium with his twin brother
Mike Watkins takes first place at MMC
Mike Watkins operating a large construction vehicle
Mike Watkins gearing up at MMC