2018 | Motor Club Magazine

MMC Opens Collector Car Gallery

Builder: Woodstone Developement

Introducing the Collector Car Gallery (CCG) at Monticello Motor Club.

The new 13,000-square-foot glass-and-steel structure houses a number of classic, vintage, sports, and racing collector cars from members’ private collections and museums, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. Cars within the collection are protected by stanchions, and each features an information placard with historic facts so members can learn about each piece’s story and significance in the automotive world. ...

2015 | Motor Club Magazine

Gated Luxury for your cars and your family.

Motor Club Estates, previously known as Serenity Gardens, a gated community immediately adjacent to Monticello Motor Club, has already become a home away from home for a handful of MMC members, and figures into the future plans of even more.

“People who have moved in have been thrilled so far,” said Mike Watkins, an MMC member whose company, Woodstone Development, is behind the 34-lot project. “They love being able to drive right next door after a day at the track, have a place to stay for the night or the weekend, and have additional space to store their cars.” ... 

2013 | Sullivan County Business Edge

Working Hard… and Loving It!

By Fred Stabbert III

There is music coming from the woods in the Town of Bethel even though the outdoor concert season has officially ended.

The music is coming from a talented group of carpenters, masons, and home builders who are busy building six new homes in The Chapin Estate. And the orchestra leader is Mike Watkins, President and CEO of Woodstone Development, LLC. ...